Saturday, 21 March 2009

Interview of Joanna Bogle by Jon Snow

I have just posted a comment on the blog of Jon Snow, the news anchorman who conducted this interview with Joanna Bogle concerning the pope's comments that condom distribution only serves to worsen the spread of AIDS.

Should it be rejected, here it is:

While it can be argued that Joanna Bogle should have been more cool headed in that interview, I think that the handling of it was both unprofessional and a disgrace. It was manifestly obvious that it was conducted in a way to discredit what she and the Catholic Church has to say. Particularly to throw in the slanderous and absurd claim that the pope is condemning millions of Africans to death, because he expressed the view, rightly or wrongly, that condoms are not the answer to the AIDS epidemic! (There are epidemiological studies that support his view, and world medical opinion is not unanimous on this issue.)


Anonymous said...

How did you get the 'dinky' clip? I ended up with too big a box!

Anonymous said...

Do you mind updating to the new blog? Thanks..

Catherine said...

On first hearing about what the pope had said at the time I did a little reseach myself and Britian can hardly hold its head high when it comes to teenage pregnancies and STIs. Here is what I found

Some saddening statistics

According to Jarvis (2008) the rates of teenage motherhood in the UK (15%) are almost twice those of Germany (8%), three times those of France (6%) and four times those of Sweden(4%). The implementation of the teenage pregnancy strategy (Social Exclusion Unit, 1999) has made some contribution to reversing this trend but only by around 2% a year in its first 5 years of implementation. More concerning, however, is the fact that between 1999 and 2005, the overall number of 16–17-year olds becoming pregnant actually increased from 39 247 to 39 804 and when 13–15- year-olds were added the figure rose from 46 666 to 47 277, more than when the pregnancy strategy was launched in 1999 (Donnelly, 2007). The rate of pregnancies ending in abortion, and therefore the emotional and psychological consequences to young girls and their families, has also risen. In 2005, 47% of pregnancies among 16–17-year olds were terminated compared to 42% in 1998.

DONNELLY, L. (2007) Sex education failing to halt teen pregnancy. The Daily Telegraph. (accessed 23 February 2009)

HAND, H. (2009) Contraception advice for under-16s: An overview. British Journal of School Nursing. 4(2), pp. 58-64.

JARVIS, S. (2008) Should the contraceptive pill be available without prescription? British Medical Journal. 337: a3056.

SOCIAL EXCLUSION UNIT (1999) Teenage pregnancy. London: The Stationery office.

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its got a slight twist to most other catholic blogs in the fact that i don't wish to debt current Catholic topics but simply share my love and thoughts of religious building from perhaps what you might call a catholic prospective

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