Friday, 24 July 2009

London blognic

Today I took the opportunity to come down to the blognic held at the Buckingham Arms near St. James Park, and meet up with some of the blogging community, in particular with Fr's Tim Finigan and John Zuhlsdorf. Although London is a fairly brisk train ride from home, I was rather tired when I reached the venue, and collapsed into a chair rapidly downing several pints. Here are two photos taken by Fr. Z himself: I am behind Fr. Tim reaching semi - inebriation. Mac McLernon is nearby.

After a while conversation began to flow freely:

And of course the star of the show was Fr. Zuhlsdorf himself: Fr. Michael Clifton is behind him. (H/T to Fr. Tim:)

Afterwards we went to the Ha Ha bar near Westminster Cathedral for dinner, a very convivial occasion. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave early as pumpkin time drew close to catch the train home to Birmingham.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

You blogger Oliver! Can you update your links to my new blog?

You can keep up blogging whilst I'm away!

Dilly said...

I was sorry not to have had a chance to talk to you, as my friend and I had to leave early to get to the theatre (pre-arranged). I was a member of the Oratory choir in the early 80's, and remember the Hayward family (and others) with great affection. Do you still perform Frank Hayward's Seven Last Words? A Jewish music professor friend of mine said it was one of the most exquisite pieces of music he had ever heard.

Oliver Hayes said...

Unfortunately not, as Frank Hayward took the music with him when he stepped down as Director of Music. As the choir librarian, I have been trying in vain to track down a copy of the music.

John the organist said...

alas I was off to sing for the weekend in Truro Cathedral with John and our daughter's choir. It was great,lots of super music. One day I'll make a blognic!!!! We'll be up your way at the end of Aug as our youngest is working there now. John hopes to play a few organs on our travels as well. liz,organist librarian blogger's wife.