Monday, 19 May 2008

Another attempt to sabotage the TLM....

Firstly our bishops have tried to force the celebrations of holy days in the extraordinary form to the nearest Sunday. Now another piece of news has come in from the Latin Mass Society: the old guard are certainly fighting tooth and nail.

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Pontifical High Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite due to be offered in Cardiff Cathedral on Sunday 18 May at 11.00 am has been cancelled at the last moment. The LMS withdrew its involvement with this Mass after the Cathedral Dean insisted that a lady server be present in the Sanctuary during Mass. The LMS apologises to members and supporters for the disappointment and inconvenience caused. For those who might wish to register a polite protest the telephone number for the Cathedral Dean is 029 2023 1407. Email:


Catherine said...

I am not quite sure I will ever understands some women’s’ mentality of ‘anything you can do I can do better’ in my own experience being seen as ‘one of the lads’ has never gain a girl any respect from either man or women alike. I have always found that by behaving like a young lady will gain far more respect than trying to measure up to men all the time.

Only today have a started to work with a man who always makes the effort to open the car door for me. It does not go unnoticed and I always make the effort to say thank you. I tried to think of how often I see men making gentlemanly jesters like this and found myself struggling but is it any wonder really when women instead on being treated not ‘as an equal’ but ‘as a man’.

Oliver McCarthy said...

My prediction that sooner or later the Lacey Mess Society will go wobbly on this issue went down like a lead balloon over at F Finigan's blog. (Apparently I'm a conspiracy theorist ghetto Catholic, which I sort of knew already.)

In all charity, I think the young lady in the story just doesn't realise that it's not appropriate for women and girls to go onto the Sanctuary and especially not during Mass. But the trend here is ever downwards, since men and boys were originally tolerated due to a lack of clergy and women are now positively encouraged due to a lack of male interest in religion full-stop (whether that lack of interest is desired, due to a lack of funding for new priests, or not). What is exceptional quickly becomes the norm, but then amusingly enough that is why the current hierarchy are so nervous about the "new old Mass".