Monday, 26 May 2008

Happy feastday!

Today we celebrated the feast of St. Philip with a solemn high mass in which we sang the full Dvorak Mass in D: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo Sanctus and Agnus. This mass setting has a particular place in the Oratory music repertoire as it was first premiered in England in the Oratory in the presence of Dvorak himself, under the direction of Fr. Robert Eaton. It is a very dramatic setting and is one of my favourites.

Meanwhile down below on the sanctuary was equally splendid, and Andrew Parkes senior took a few photographs. Acknowledgements to Jackie's blog. Afterwards we all gathered for a very convivial reception in the parish hall. This year is particularly special as it happens immediately after Corpus Christi, the day St. Philip went to his eternal reward in 1595.

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Jackie Parkes said...

Thanks for the music information Oliver...