Friday, 27 June 2008


Alas, I have another prayer request! Over the last few weeks I have been limping as I have injured my right foot, and it is causing me considerable pain at times. Not only that, I have developed a mild repetitive strain injury in my left elbow as well! Jackie Parkes' prayer requests over blogosphere for the healing of her son's injured foot were very promptly answered, despite all the predictions of the doctors. Please, I wonder if a similar miracle could happen for me? But unfortunately, I have found from experience that divine providence is usually far more ready to grant requests for other people than for myself...


Jackie Parkes said...

Will pray especially Oliver...of course your prayers are answered as much as anyone else...don't worry!

i've got a particular prayer when I see you tomorrow..

Rita said...

Oliver, I've only just stumbled over your foot problems and its July 1st! I hope it is a little better and I'll add you to my prayers tonight anyway.

God Bless.

gemoftheocean said...

How is the foot doing?! You'd mentioned it on facebook a while back. Looks awful.

I hear you re: sometimes it seems like God is "too busy" to answer our own requests for ourselves.
So I'll pray for you. I always get better results praying for other people.