Saturday, 1 November 2008

Blogging resumed: All Saint's day

Well, after a very hectic month I feel up to restarting blogging again, which I had to stop due to various factors. Hopefully I will try to keep it up, but I do not guarantee daily posts.

Tomorrow in the Birmingham Oratory we are having a special All Saints mass for the translation of the relics of our Cardinal Newman, which will be celebrated by Archbishop Vincent Nicholls, attended by Princess Michael of Kent and broadcast live on EWTN. This is the culmination of a vigil since Friday when the relics of the Cardinal went on display, and we had have three sung pontifical English by bishops William Kenney and Philip Pargeter, as well as Cormac Cardinal Murphy O'Connor.

Mass celebrated by Cardinal Cormac

For us in the choir it will be very hectic as we are singing without a break from 8.30am to 1.00pm without a break! We are doing Mozart's Coronation Mass, Stamford's Beati Quorum, Justorum Animae both by Lassus and Byrd, Byrd's Gaudemus Omnes, as well as much else beside. Hopefully EWTN will repeat this, and so you will get a feel for the Oratory liturgy.


Jackie Parkes said...

And the picture was taken by Jackie Parkes. It's OK Oliver just I'm having a change of heart & asking for credit since practically everyone else does!

the hound said...

Greetings, I attended the Mass for the translation of the remains on Sunday and very beautiful and moving it was. Can you please tell me the name of the very lovely first piece the choir sang at Mass, at the entrance of the procession, before even the introit? It's been nagging me since. The standard of singing was extremely high, we knew you ment it!

The 1962 Missal Rocks said...

Mass on Sunday was indeed beautiful, however, the big flaw was that it was not said in the 1962 rite. Oliver, the choir, with one or two exceptions was wonderful again, and it is a shame that we have such a liberal Archbishop. "Saepe exxpugnaverunt m ea juventute mea". Look Thou upon me and have mercy on me, O Lord!