Saturday, 8 November 2008

It never stops...

The last week has been absolute murder for me in the choir, and this is one reason I have not produced any posts! Immediately after the great Newman mass on All Saints, we had to do the six part Victoria Requiem on All Souls: but all was not finished! The following days we had two Missa Cantata Requiems with Gregorian chant propers for the 5.45pm mass, one for the deceased fathers and the other for the deceased benefactors of the Oratory. As ever, I'm expected to turn up to help out with the chant...

As well as that , I have had to produce special booklets for vespers of the Lateran Dedication tomorrow, and have them ready for our organist. Such are the joys of the Oratory choir and being choir librarian to boot. For those who have asked, the music before the introit at the great mass was Elgar's Ecce Sacerdos Magnus, a setting traditionally done at the beginning of a pontifical mass, an old favourite of ours.

Tonight we are having a concert given by Ex Cathedra the music of James MacMillan. Hopefully this shall give me a bit of a rest.


Ponte Sisto said...

You have an award to collect here.

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I hope that you will accept it.

In Domino,

Phil Andrews

Film Reviews 08 said...

I enjoyed the Ex-Cathedra concert except the very modern piece. I know how busy it can get at the Oratory speaking from experience. Can you link me to your blog and I'll link you please?