Saturday, 22 December 2007

The "Conversion" of Tony Blair

This morning as I was out in Birmingham city centre, I heard the news that Tony Blair has been received into the Catholic Church by Archbishop Cormac Murphy - O'Connor. And it appears that there is no sign that he has made any recantation of his persistent support for the abortion, euthanasia and human cloning lobbies and institution of so - called 'gay marriages'.

I am barely able to hold back my anger. This is not a matter for rejoicing for the church in this country. It is a matter of the gravest scandal that a senior politician, who has committed acts that would incur automatic excommunication by canon law, should be received into the church by the country's most senior bishop without a demand for public recantation of his position. It seems doubtful that Mr. Blair has any serious intention of doing so, and in all probability will carry on with as if nothing has taken place.

Blair's reception has shown how seriously compromised with the culture of death the hierarchy of England and Wales has become. When faced with the choice of either upholding the faith of the apostles and the Magisterium, or seeking acceptance among the liberal establishment, they have chosen the latter. By this act, Cormac has inadvertently sent a message to Catholic politicians that they can support the culture of death without incurring the wrath of the church, and that the church's teaching about doing so is in England null and void.

History is repeating itself. At the time of the reformation almost all the English bishops compromised with the Act of Supremacy, all except St. John Fisher of Rochester. Let us pray that God will send us another St. John Fisher among our bishops, or even better, that Blair will himself make a public recantation of his former position. For God, nothing is impossible!

Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

great post Oliver! Hope it didn't spoil your shopping!lol

John said...

Hm... I don't think Mr. Blair is in any position to make comment about his policies when in government. He's already been seen as a bit of a meglomaniac, so I thnik he'll be keeping a low profile for now.

He wouldn't want to distract from the awful time Brown's having now, would he? :P

Merry Christmas

Oliver Hayes said...

That is a fair point, but due to the highly publicised nature of his reception, he cannot be silent about his anti - life policies when in government. In truth I cannot believe his conversion is in any way sincere.

Anonymous said...

Except that he wasn't received in public! He was received in private, and to be honest I think that tells us all we ever needed to know.

Of course we've always known the TB was a bad egg. I just hope what Oliver says in his post is obvious to more people, and that more and more Catholics start to realise what sort of bishops we now have ruling over us.

John said...

I think it probably is. Outwardly, Anglo-Catholicism is pretty much the same as Roman Catholicism, and doctrinally the two are almost identical. I think he's actually undergone a sincere process of conversion. This must be his first right decision in a while... ;P

Oliver Hayes said...

What I meant by by his reception being highly publicised was that it has been in the media for months, rather than being a public service.

Anonymous said...

A couple of posts from the Daily Mail over at my blog..

gemoftheocean said...

Why not everyone just keep mum for a bit and give the Holy Spirit some elbow room to work on TB. Maybe Tony will be really sincere and bring CHERI back to the faith with him. Miracles can happen can't they?

[Of course, if he does say something from here on out contrary to the faith, THEN wail away.)