Sunday, 30 December 2007

Feast of the Holy Family

In this Sunday's gospel we are told of how St. Joseph took the child Jesus and his mother into exile in Egypt to save Our Lord from King Herod. It is a very fitting gospel passage as we hear the the dreadful news of the wholesale exodus of Christians from the Holy Land, of the turmoil in Pakistan following Benazir Bhutto's assassination, and the decimation of the Christians in Iraq.

Let us pray and ask the intercession of the Holy Family that the Christians in the Islamic world will survive and persevere in their faith. As the Holy Family returned from exile, may those Christians who have been uprooted be able to return home. But most important of all, let us pray for their persecutors, and that God will move the hearts of those who engage in acts of terror and self destruction in his name.

On a more personal note, we in the choir at the Oratory have just finished the Christmas services, which were a great success and have been greatly appreciated by everyone. As for me, who has just returned to Brum from my parents, I am collapsing in exhaustion!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely inspiring post again Oliver. Yes folks i can vouch for the fact that he is suffering from exhaustion! It won't last long doubt he'll be at Vespers this evening!