Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The abortion rogue's gallery: introduction

Seeing that we about to face yet another liberalisation of abortion laws, and the infamous Human Fertilization and Embryology bill on the way, I shall do a series of posts on the lobbies behind abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and human cloning. One thing which is quite astonishing about our culture of death is the tremendous power of them, in the face of the fact that they do not have huge popular support. They appear as a juggernaut that nothing can stop, but I feel not nearly enough has been said why they have so much power, and also about them and their motivations.

So in the coming weeks I will attempt to draw a rogue's gallery of each of the pro-choice factions and vested interests, and give a quick sketch of their motivations and what they wish to achieve. Only then may we be able to understand more clearly what is going on. They are, I believe, 'family planning' providers, the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry, prostitution, pornography, the media, the academic establishment, the civil service and government elites, and finally intellectual and political malcontents. Put them all together, and you have a real evil witches brew, which as we know all too well is highly organised and motivated.

Then I shall try to show how they linked together, and the by-products of this movement such as primary school sex education. I will only be sketching what I know to the best of my ability, but do keep posted!

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On the side of the angels said...

the bashing secularism blog always has some good details on life issues...admittedly now he's working it's posted less frequently...but there's always an informed incisive twist on it...