Tuesday, 26 February 2008

London Oratory Bloggers

For some years now both myself and Lacrimarum Vallae have been brothers of the Little Oratory in Birmingham. This worthy institute is an association of laymen who meet for spiritual exercises every Tuesday, for recreation and for outings a few times a year. Most of us practice other lay vocations of our own particular states in life, and more recently blogging has become another one for some of us. It was partly being a brother of the Oratory I was started in this blogging enterprise, much against my original intentions!

But we are not the only Oratory bloggers: indeed among the Little Oratory of the London Oratory are a number as well. They are City up on a Hill, Emitte Lucem Tuam, Fr. Nicholas Schofield and Surge Illuminare. They are all worth giving a visit, coming in many shapes and sizes!


ben whitworth said...

Hello Oliver! Long time no see. You're blog has some really interesting posts - I loved the Malta pics.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! I'm really not sure about blogging being a vocation. I think most of the Fathers here would be of the opinion that it's a complete waste of time.

I was reprimanded recently by a certain blogger for trying to "out" him on my blog. I hadn't intended to. One more blogger to add to the list though would be the Ceremoniere, who outed himself, rather in the manner of Ronnie Barker, in the pub one evening. We'd all known that the Cer was "one of us" all along of course. But there'd been a deal of speculation who exactly.