Thursday, 28 February 2008

Rogue's gallery no.1: abortion providers

The most obvious faction in the culture of death lobbies are of course those who do the evil deeds. Or as they like to call themselves, 'family planning' providers. Indeed their nomenclature is the most significant thing to be noticed about them. That is they like to dress themselves in euphemisms, and describe their horrific acts as 'surgical procedures' or 'terminations'. But another thing about those who run and maintain this production line murder, is that they make out that they are heroic crusaders for 'women's rights', 'reproductive health' or 'sexual liberation'.

The simple fact is no matter how much sophistry and smooth talk they may use, even their greatest supporters tacitly acknowledge that abortion is highly unpleasant and dirty work, irrespective of any 'ethical' considerations. It is quite sickening to perform, and one has to be desensitised to do it. To be a doctor or a nurse may be a highly respectable profession, but to be an abortion doctor or nurse is another matter. I doubt very much that anyone who works in an abortion mill would like to talk about at a party what they do for a living!

For that reason they make out their profession of murder is a heroic and brave one, in order to gloss over this fact. But another thing is a high proportion of doctors and nurses who work at the mills tend to be of Asian and African origin. This may sound like the depth of political incorrectness, but the simple fact is that they have less to lose socially from this work. Abortionists are often unpopular pariahs among their colleagues in the medical profession, and there is now an increasing unwillingness among young doctors to do the job.

So what makes the people want to do this, when it is highly unpleasant and carries a social stigma? The reason is very simple: it is extremely well paid. An doctor can easily make £1000 in one day doing this. The Calthorpe Clinic in Birmingham which carries out thousands of 'terminations' a year has a turnover of many millions of pounds.

Calthorpe Clinic, Birmingham

However, highly profitable business it may be, the abortion providers are not large enough by themselves to obtain any real power by financial clout. They however have one very powerful ally who is many, many times bigger, has a turnover of billions and who has an associate role in the trade of murder. This is the pharmaceutical industry, exhibit no.2 in the rogue's gallery of the culture of death.

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