Sunday, 13 April 2008

The hatred of the Christian family

One of the notorious clauses in the infamous Human Embryology and Fertilization act is the clause which eliminates the right of a child to a natural father. It is another manifestation of the great hostility to the family and in particular the christian family of the ruling and academic elites in our society.

Why this hostility to the family? Surely its enemies should know that for all its faults and failings it is the building block of any real social order? It needs no explanation that family breakdown is the root cause of almost all of our social problems on our city streets.

Many people say today that it is an 'outdated' institution and we should move with technological progress. It indeed seems that the intention of the forthcoming bill is to bring into being the horrific world described by Aldous Huxley in his novel Brave New World, written in the 1930's with prophetic accuracy. However I do not think that there could be anyone that could really want this to happen because they seriously think that it is a good thing and is the way forward for society.

It seems that the hatred of the family largely springs from embitteredness and resentment. It is the resentment over the fact that one's own childhood, upbringing and marriage has been a failure and a cruel disappointment, compared to the lives of others. And what will be resented and envied the most will be the family lives that are usually the happiest and most successful, those of good Catholic marriages.

Imagine someone who grew up in a pagan home: his parents were divorced and he grew up with his mother who remarried a man who had little affection for him. He lacked parental support in his life, in particular that of a good father. Later as he grew up his own love life was a disaster. Then he should see a happily married couple who are good Catholics, live upright lives and have many children.

Whatever the shortcomings and problems this family might have, their lives will be far better than his, and he will feel very bitter. His natural human desire will be to wish the destruction of this family life, and wish that they drink the full cup of his sufferings. He will wish for the systematic elimination of all the legal sanctions and protections for the family and marriage, which is exactly what our lawmakers are doing.

The sad truth is that we are in a vicious circle: the breakdown of family life is causing deep resentment and bitterness against that which remains, and is providing fuel for the movement to destroy it further. For those of us who have been happier in our family life, it is a reminded that we should not be smug towards the world outside. Instead we must have sympathy to those who have been less fortunate than ourselves, and consider just fortunate we have been.

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