Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Patricians talk: Catholic marriage today

How in the face of the complete breakdown in the understanding of the integral unity of marriage, which embraces love, union of man and woman and procreation of offspring, are we to carry out the Catholic married state? It seems to be almost a matter of despair among many of the clergy and the faithful that young catholic couples are just as likely to experience marital breakdown as their pagan counterparts.

Yet what is not often realised is that Catholic marriage, moral teaching and faith is a sign of contradiction that is to be hated and despised by the world. The harsh reality is that in order to maintain and uphold the true vocation of marriage, we have absolutely no choice but to reject contemporary culture and the way of life of our age, and to suffer for it. In other words, we must be witnesses to the truth, to the point where we may have to renounce our lives.

The stark reality is that Catholic young people will have to be taught that their faith is one which will cause them to suffer hatred and rejection by their peers. To be truly Catholic means for us to be prepared to be an alien and anti - social body in society that lives in manifest contradiction to the values of our time. We will be hated and despised for upholding the name of Our Lord, and no more so than in the state of matrimony.

For far too long the church in England and Wales has bent over backwards to achieve social acceptance and integration among pagan society, rather than proclaim the Gospel in and out of season. This has no more become more manifest than in a Catholic education system in this country which has virtually apostatised. However the time of compromise is coming to an end. We are facing a secular establishment that is demanding that we accept openly immoral laws such as same sex marriage, and acquiesce fully in the culture of death.

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