Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Oratory Easter Vigil: Gloria 1

Here is the clip of the Gloria intonation, organ fanfare and Heiligmesse Gloria by Joseph Haydn. During this the images in the church are uncovered. This is one of my favourite moments of the liturgy, particularly when the darkened church is flooded with light, and after the long days of Lent with no organ we hear it in it's full glory!

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Peter Simpson said...

This too is one of my favourite moments in the liturgy. A pity you don't have a solo tuba on the organ - but it is truly magnificent. Thank you for posting it. It is great to replay the moment again! The altar servers at St Thomas Aquinas, Ham are a little 'tame', so I have taken to ringing a bell myself. One of them commented afterwards - 'you enjoyed yourself' - I sure did!