Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mulier Fortis on biotechnology's immorality

Last year in March 2008 I did a series of posts on the various lobbies and factions behind the culture of death: The Culture of Death Rogues Gallery. One of them was about the biotechnology industry and its infamous research into human cloning and human - animal hybrids. I opined at the time that 'immoral research does not produce cures!', and now, thanks to this news given by the highly esteemed and worthy of respect Mulier Fortis (hopefully that description will not offend her this time...), I have been proven right. Here is an extract from the San Francisco Weekly:

..a teenage boy who had traveled from Israel to Russia... for an implant of neural stem cells to treat a rare degenerative disease. Four years after the procedure, according to the study, the therapy hadn't worked, and the transplanted stem cells had morphed into a brain tumor.

The article continues:

As Kriegstein shuffled through his papers, looking for the report, he explained his fear that current efforts in California to create stem-cell–based cures, which he views as premature, could have similar results. "The likelihood of something going wrong is pretty high," he said. "Something like tumors are probably going to happen. This is an area where the risks are great. The public has to be prepared."

The great Mac McLernon has also demanded that I show forth my seven greatest loves, after agreeing with her on no. 6 (caffeine, in the form of what I call Dr. Tannin: tea). So here they are in full:

1) The Catholic church, the mystical body of Christ (same as Mac).

2) Our Blessed Lady, on whose Feast of the Expectation I was born in the town of Evesham, an old shrine of Our Lady.

3) The sacred liturgy with it's wonderful sacred music.

4) The Birmingham Oratory, my beloved parish church, whose great choir I sing in.

5) Downside Abbey, my old Alma Mater.

6) Tea, as explained before.

7) Alcohol, in copious amounts. If all else fails, then just drink....

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