Tuesday, 25 August 2009

On the way to Lourdes with the GOBS

I have now managed to find an internet connection here in Lourdes, and so I thought I might share with you a few pictures of the trip there. It is a 21 hour journey by coach all the way from the Oratory to our destination: here is Jackie Parkes seeing off her children, and taking pictures for her blog:

By early evening we arrive at the port of Dover, for the ferry to Calais:

The ferry leaves as we have dinner:

Then it is then long haul up to Paris and down the helter - skelter motorway across Central France to Toulouse and then across to Pau and finally Lourdes, with the occasional toilet break. By the time we arrive we are pretty exausted.

Arrival at the Hotel Santa Lucia, to be greeted by our old friends Alain and Marie - Anne!

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Catholic Mom of 10 said...

You just wait Oliver! Look how fat I am in that shot! Now I know what it feels like on the other side of the lens!Looks like yr having fun & spiritual solace!