Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mass at Lourdes in the 1962 missal

Lourdes has long been a stronghold of the liberal liturgical establishment, and of key strategic importance as a major international shrine. In fact the same could be said about many other major Marian shrines: they tend to have rather liberal rectors and dubious para - liturgies.

Nevertheless, even though it may be among the last liberal bastions to crumble, the extra - ordinary form has gained a foothold, and every Sunday at about 9.30am there is a 1962 missal low mass in the Upper Basilica. Or so it may seem, for I arrived at precisely 9.30am as advertised to find that they were already in the homily.

As far as I'm aware this mass took a lot of in - fighting to get established, but hopefully it will be here to stay!

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Fr Tim Finigan said...

The Mass used to be at 9.30am it was changed more or less without notice to 9.15am. On the information board (by the path up to St Joseph's gate, near the Forum Information) you can see where the time has been changed with a felt pen or something.

Have a great time in Lourdes and say one for me at the Grotto!