Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The sheepfold at Bartres

Yesterday we made a day trip to the village of Bartres, were St. Bernadette was fostered for a while by her aunt, and later she came back to look after her aunt's sheep. As a village it is not particularly remarkarble with the exception of the church and the house of Bernadette. While we were there it was quite wet. Here are a few pictures.

House of Bernadette

Bernadette lived in this room with her aunt, and it is open to visitors in the afternoon.

The church of St. John the Baptist is fairly notable and worth seeing. While it has remains of a medieval sanctuary, most of it dates from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, and has quite a remarkable reordos depicting the life of St. John the Baptist. Luckily it has been spared the liturgical vandals and is almost intact, and with a portable table for it's forward altar it is ready for ad orientem worship.

The High Altar

The Lady Altar

The Sanctuary

St. Joseph's Altar

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