Friday, 2 October 2009

Benedict XVI to come to Brum, and beatify Newman?

There is some reason to hope that our Holy Father may come and visit us at the Birmingham Oratory, if these extracts from this Catholic Herald editorial prove to be right:

It has been suggested that the Pope will be present at the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman. Church sources say London, Birmingham and Edinburgh would be likely destinations, as well as Oxford.

Some Catholics are hoping the Pope will break with convention and beatify Cardinal Newman himself.

Fr Federico Lombardi, the Pope's spokesman, said such a trip would be an "obvious occasion" to beatify Cardinal Newman. A journalist in the Czech Republic noted that Benedict XVI had previously expressed a preference to allow beatifications to be carried out by the local Church rather than by the Pope. In response, Fr Lombardi said: "We have a year to figure that out."

A Church insider said: "Cardinal Newman is the major event. It wouldn't be ridiculous to suggest that it's a possibility. The Pope has said it's his rule not to preside at beatifications but it's his rule to break.

"Pope Benedict is a great admirer of Newman and this visit is about Newman, and about what it says about the Church. It's not as simple as him turning up to bash politicians on the head. He always comes to boost those countries he visits, and England and Wales will benefit."

It seems that despite hysterical bigotry to the contrary from the National Secular Society, a papal visit will be almost universally welcomed in this country. But, please God, may he come to us! Now that will give the secularists and Tabletistas something to whinge and cry about...

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Hestor said...

Perhaps he may even raise the Oratory in Edgbaston to that status of a minor basilica?!