Saturday, 10 October 2009

Equal opportunities double standards

We hear constantly that we must show greater consideration for persons from ethnic minorities, particularly those of African and West Indian origin. Therefore according to this principle the secularist liberal establishment should be more sympathetic and understanding towards you if you are black. But, as Denise Haye, a Christian worker for Lewisham council was to discover, this only really applies if you hold the 'correct' liberal views and opinions. She has been wrongfully dismissed, for equal opportunities does not apply if you are a black Christian.

Her crime? She posted unfavourable comments about gays on the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) website using her work computer. She wrote that Sharon Ferguson (its head) should be "ashamed" of herself and that homosexuality was "not normal" and a sin. Citing the importance of repenting in the "last days", Haye added, in capitals, "the wages of sin is death". She at first unaware of what this site was, and had come across it while looking for church information online. The full story can be found on The Voice.

H/T to Fr. Tim

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