Friday, 30 October 2009

Traditionalists of all churches: unite!

“Traditionalists of all churches, unite under the dome of St. Peter’s!” Father Kung wrote in an editorial Oct. 28 in the Rome daily La Repubblica.

“Look: The fisherman is fishing above all on the ‘right’ side of the lake. But the water is muddy,” he said.

(The Holy Father is committing the unforgivable act of bringing traditional Anglicans into the one true fold, where they may be united to the chief shepherd, vicar of Our Lady's son.)

So Hans Kung writes about the latest move of our present Holy Father to send a life raft to the sinking ship of Anglicanism. Yes, Fr. Kung, we all know how bitter you feel now that you are a nobody, a laughing stock and a dinosaur from the sixties that some young catholics have not even heard about, let alone take seriously! And while you are now rapidly being forgotten about and becoming history, every work and word of your contemporary and colleague Joseph Ratzinger is listened to, studied and broadcast all over the web and blogosphere. For he has been given the power of the keys, as Pope Benedict XVI! Yet you have said that you do not in any way feel bitter...

While you gained popularity and support from the world's media by your attacks on the church's teaching and magisterium, in particular Humanae Vitae, Joseph Ratzinger was universally hated and vilified for defending it. But now the tables have been turned, and divine justice has been done. Our Lord will always reward obedience and fidelity to the teachings of his mystical bride the Church. For he who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

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