Sunday, 4 October 2009

Eucharistic miracle in Poland and forthcoming 40 hours devotion

Reports have just got out about a miracle concerning a host that was dropped at a mass in Saint Anthony’s Church in Sokółka, Diocese of Białystok, Poland. I was first informed about this at high mass in the Oratory this morning by our superior who had just returned from Poland. Here is the news article from News Poland which I found on the web.

A special commission from diocese in Białystok is being checked if there occurred a miracle in Saint Anthony’s Church in Sokółka. Dissolved Host looks like a part of human heart. This interesting miracle has been kept in secret since six months.

“We are not sure that it is true. We must investigate this case and be sure that a real miracle occurred in this church” – said priest Andrzej Dębski who is a spokesman of the Curia.

The miracle happened during the mass. One of local priests was giving the Holy Communion when suddenly it fell down on the floor. So he took it and put into a chalice. After several days the chalice was filled with red water which was poured out on a special ceremonial tablecloth. As it turned out, there was also a strange things examined by the doctors. According to them it was a part of human heart at the point of death condition. The commission will try to investigate truthfulness of the miracle.

Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano

This miracle is a most welcome incentive for us to participate in the Oratory Forty Hours devotion which begins this next Tuesday evening at 8.00pm with high mass of the Blessed Sacrament, with all night vigil the following Wednesday to Thursday and closing with Votive High Mass of the Sacred Heart. This will be good opportunity to pray for the conversion of left wing heretics and right wing schismatics: in particular for the Russian Orthodox church, the Pius X society in their negotiations with the Holy See, and some of the Bishops of England and Wales....

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