Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Baptism in the Jordan

And so I conclude this series of off the cuff meditations on the Epiphany with the Baptism of our Lord in the Jordan, on this Sunday of Our Lord's Baptism. These have been meditations that I have put together on the spur of the moment from what I know, without any prior research. Often they have been done during lunch break at work!

The Baptism of Our Lord is the last of the manifestations of the divinity of Christ, and the beginning of our Lord's public ministry. Here we see the Father proclaim, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased." He was and is the Son of the Father from the very beginning, and not as the Arians believed, Son by adoption.

I have little time and energy to make any further detailed comment, but I will say that the baptism of Our Lord was the sanctification of water for general sacrament of baptism. Hence in the Eastern Church the Epiphany is the feast of the blessing of the waters. In Russia it is customary to immerse oneself in freezing cold waters in the middle of winter! Thankfully, we in the Birmingham Oratory this morning managed with Asperges at high mass, and live in a milder climate..