Friday, 25 January 2008

In Malta: St. Paul's Bay and Mosta

As it was the feast of the conversion of St. Paul today, I made a trip to St. Paul's Bay, where the apostle was shipwrecked and was received by the chief of Melita Publius. The town itself is a bit of a tourist trap and there is not a great deal to see. However the view of the coast is quite spectacular. There is a church some distance inland on the site of the house of Publius, whose sick father the apostle healed. (I did not have time to see it.) If you want to know the full story of St. Paul in Malta, read the Acts of the Apostles!

This photograph I took from the top of a fortification built by the Knights of Malta. As I came down the narrow steps I gave myself very bad cramp...

On the way back to Valletta I stopped off briefly to see the church of the Assumption in Mosta. As it was afternoon the church was locked, but here it is from the outside.

That's all I have time to comment about for now: but I will have lots more pictures to show you in the next few days and when I return to England!

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Matt Doyle said...

It reminds me of the Pantheon in Rome!