Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Epiphany

Today I was planning to write a long, turgid and rather boring essay on the Epiphany, but as it happens I do not have the time. There are so many themes I could cover: the incarnation, the Magi, astrology, magic, paganism, the miracle at Cana, the baptism in the Jordan, the destruction of power and so on and so forth. However as both Epiphanytide in the 1970 missal and in the 1962 missal continue up to next Sunday, I will try to give you a series of short bite sized chunks in the coming week’s posts. And I warn those who do not think so highly of this blog, the posts shall be opinionated!

However, what I can give you for today is some pretty pictures. Happy feast day!


Anonymous said... told me to watch what i say! Only jesting..but like you i might carry on the Epiphany theme this week..particularly as it is so important for Miles Jesu..

Oliver Hayes said...

Unfortunately I deleted two comments by mistake, so whoever has posted them should resubmit them. One has pointed out that the Epiphany octave was abolished by Pius XII: I have made the correction. In the 1962 as in the 1970 missal we are now in Epiphanytide.