Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Monday

The Easter Triduum this year in the Oratory has been a great success both from the point of the view of the choir as well as the sanctuary! Everything ran pretty much like clockwork and the standards were extremely high: and probably this will be one of the best liturgically we have ever had in recent years. Here is an image of the great crucifix, pall and reliquary of the true cross at the Seven Last Words:

Alas, that cannot be said about the weather we have had here which has put a dampener on everything: with the snow and sleet it seems more like Christmas. Also with the clocks still to go forward we had vespers in the dark on Easter Sunday. This morning I have been busy clearing up what is left of the music and filing it away. The coming few weeks are usually very quiet, which will give me opportunity to catch up on some maintenance work on the library which needs doing.

Tomorrow I hope to go on a short holiday in Vienna: I will keep you posted of this!

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