Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rogue's gallery no.10: public opinion?

It may be fair to say that the majority of people in Britain are not completely pro-life, and few of them would advocate a complete stop to abortion. Nevertheless there are very few who would advocate abortion on demand. It could be said that the majority position is that abortion is acceptable only in exceptional circumstances and at an early stage of pregnancy.

Effectively this is a position of compromise: there is clearly a natural disgust among ordinary folk for the culture of death. New abortion laws have stealthily exploited this, claiming that they would not lead to a liberalisation. Yet to oppose abortion and euthanasia is to run the risk of being labelled as a 'fundamentalist', 'right wing' or 'lacking compassion', and suffer the consequences of social ostracism. Support for the 'pro-choice' lobby is greater among the affluent and wealthy than among the poor, marginalised and immigrants. The elites have more to lose.

Bear in mind that we are all bombarded by the media propaganda machine for the culture of death, which virtually advocates no restraint and all out murder. Hence it is in fact remarkable that sympathies for the culture of death among the majority are at best very lukewarm. This is a tribute to the power of conscience and the natural moral law that is written on every man's heart. It is hardly surprising that the death elites are doing all they can to break it, by forcing in sex education for children at primary school level.

There are two things that are fatal to the culture of death and to the pro - abortion lobby. The first is to allow public opinion to have a real influence on public policy and laws. The second is for the full truth of abortion and euthanasia to become known on a popular level. The media has already done its work in hiding the truth. Hence draconian laws have been made to punish anyone who distributes images of aborted babies, while a wholesale dismantling of our democratic institutions is being put into effect.

The warnings of John Paul II are coming true: in failing to defend the rights of the unborn, the sick and the weak, we are fast heading towards totalitarianism. And as the only body in society who will speak out are Christians, also towards religious persecution.

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