Saturday, 1 March 2008

Rogue's gallery no. 2: pharmaceutical industry

Abortion providers may not be very popular, carry social stigma, and lack any real power by themselves. However this cannot be said about their great ally the pharmaceutical industry. This is an ancillary to health care, carries tremendous prestige in research and development, and is worth billions upon billions of dollars. To work in this sector is a highly respected profession. And most of all with their wealth and influence in healthcare, universities and government, they have enormous lobbying power.

But they have a huge vested interest in the culture of death for two very good reasons. Firstly, their biggest product line are contraceptives. People usually only need to buy medicines on an occasional one - off basis, but as for contraceptives, they will need a ready supply at all times. And some of these are glorified abortificients, such as the notorious morning after pill and the IUD coil. Go into any chemist and you will see contraceptives have a major pride of place.

Contraception is very, very big business. Proof of the fact is that part of Richard Branson's massive Virgin empire (a possible blasphemous reference to Our Lady) was built up by selling Mate's condoms. This has almost abandoned it's pretensions to 'family planning' and become a trade in obscenity. It is well known that the dividing line between contraception and abortion is very thin: both have the same aim of sterile sex for pleasure, to the denial of life. Indeed most of the major abortion providers such as Marie Stopes started existence as 'Family Planning' and contraceptive services.

Pharmaceuticals giants tend to be extremely secretive, and have much to hide. They are often targets for protesters with their experiments on animals. But their clinical trials on patients also have a reputation for being very shady. Some of you may have seen the film 'The Constant Gardener' some years back. This was a left wing political attack on the industry, accusing it misusing AIDS patients in Africa for their own research purposes. I was somewhat disappointed by it and did not think it was that good, yet it does give some insight into some of their sordid dealings.

The Constant Gardener

But this film would have been far more convincing and truthful, the murder of the two main characters would have been much more real, if it also exposed this industry's second reason for its support for the culture of death. This is its interest in human cloning and the creation of human - animal hybrids. These are the dirty works of its sister the biotechnology industry, which it owns and has a controlling interest in: the next exhibit in the rogue's gallery.

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