Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Rogue's gallery no.9: the malcontents

Looking at most of the lobbies and factions in the culture of death, there are very few that are part of it out of real personal conviction rather than cynical monetary and self-interest. As I have said before, it is very dirty work and even by their own standards and terminology, it has a high yuck factor (to be eliminated by counselling and therapy).

So what about those who support it out of real conviction? They are the 'pro-choice' catholics, the hard left, crypto - marxists, feminists, gay liberation, any other liberation, anarchists, nihilists etc. etc. They come in all shapes and sizes, and do not always share the same viewpoint or are united in their beliefs.

They have one common motivation though, and it is resentment and embitteredness: resentment in particular against their own state of life and place in society. They hold a grudge against the traditional social order as the source of their humiliations, failures and lack of advancement, seeing it as 'middle class', 'bourgeois' and Christian.

Consequently they develop a pathological hatred of the family and the moral law, and seek to destroy it. For them, it is a happiness from which they have been irrevocably excluded. They instinctively side with the poor and the oppressed, the apparent victims of the social order, and the manifest proof of its wickedness and injustice. But when they manage to obtain real power, they stop at nothing to exact revenge to the point of mass murder: as shown by the French and Russian Revolutions.

However these people are only a small minority, and by themselves do not have real power. Yet they appear extremely vocal and influential because they are enthusiastically backed up by the other abortion interests, and more often than not are in their payroll. They serve the purpose as effective propaganda. Catholics for a Free Choice represents hardly even a small minority of Catholics, but receives ample funding from the Playboy Foundation.

But what of the majority opinion? What does it believe in and role does it play? This will be the subject of the next post.

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