Friday, 7 March 2008

Please! For those who wish to comment..

I have received some interesting feedback from the comments posted, and I am very pleased that some of them have been very intelligent, informed and polite. The standard of some of them is very commendable. Please keep them coming! I am quite happy to accept and post criticism so long it is reasonable.

Unfortunately however a few of the comments I have received have been unacceptable, and today one of them from an anonymous source has caused considerable upset to a friend of mine. I have now removed it from the post. Hence from now on, I will not be posting any comments from anonymous sources, or any that are clearly insulting, unduly patronising or that make personal remarks about myself or anyone else! I only ask that you maintain a decent standard of courtesy: I myself will try to do likewise.

Well, we are now fast approaching Passiontide, and as it is Friday it seems appropriate to post an image of the Via Crucis.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Oliver! See you at The Stations of the Cross..