Sunday, 9 March 2008

Rogue's gallery no.7: the media

The media as we all know too well has been the absolute nemisis of the dignity of the human person. It is the main propaganda machine of the pro - choice lobby, the source of obscenity and violence and films, and in some places the distinction between mainstream and outright pornography is very thin. It is the main force for the evangelisation of secularism, and the main player in forming the powerful liberal consensus which no disputation can answer.

It is no surprise that the major business interests who run the mainstream TV, radio and newspaper channels are also the same who provide the tidal wave of pornography we see over the Internet and in shops. Naturally, they would have a clear interest in supporting abortion and euthanasia, and would pressurise those they employ to conform.

Yet this is probably not the main reason for the support of the media in the culture of death. I suspect the chief reason may well be due to the nature of the journalistic profession. The tendency of journalists is to now assume an evangelical role: they become the expounders of a revealed truth that they have discovered to the world. Hence very like the academic intelligentsia I have talked about, they now are a deaconal caste with unquestioned authority.

The role of the journalist is of course to tell of the objective facts exactly as they are found. However the development of radio and television has increasingly focused more on the person of the journalist rather on what he is reporting. Consequently his opinions and beliefs take on an unquestioned magisterial role, and the actual truth of what he is telling takes on a secondary role. His opinions will matter far more.

Hence like the academic, they will develop a resentment and hostility towards the authority of the church, and to the notion of objective truth and natural law. They will see it as a rival and threat to their status and position. They will naturally develop a sympathy for the 'pro - choice' position, quite apart from the fact that they are under pressure from business and government interests in the media to conform.

It is easy to see the vested interests of business at work in the culture of death, but we also need to look at what happens in government elites: the next exhibit.

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